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Dom Almond – Sobmer Bomb / We Don’t Give a F@#K Part 1 (2010)

Dom Almond – Sobmer Bomb /  We Don’t Give a F@#K Part 1 (2010)

Oct 21, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Dom Almond – Somber Siren [Original Mix]
  2. Dom Almond – We Don’t Give A F@#K [Original Mix]

Genres: Breakbeat
Label: Downbeat
Release Date: October 2010

Dom Almond is back with another breakbeat release. First up is the rather driving Somber Bomb which starts off very hard and pounding before dropping into a huge trance style piano hook. The hook itself reminds me of early U2, but without the sunglasses and spinny cameras! By the time this one gets going its got some nice distorted chunky drive behind it. As it stops to take a breather in the middle that piano hook is back before stepping it up a gear and driving it home hard for the last two minutes!

On the flipside of this release it’s a much heavier affair, We Don’t Give a F@#K sums it up too. This balls to the wall track is heavy without being too unlistenable. The bass drive throughout it, always being there in the background, only stopping to breath while the amen loop kicks in. The lead synth sounds wicked, and it’s nice to hear it ad lib before dropping out for the last minute or so of the tune.

Rating: 4.5/5

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